The qop™ value is consistent internationally and can objectively rate players regardless of league, competition or country. This measurement can also be useful as a scouting tool when drafting amateur players.

A quantification index allows us to identify qop patterns that could indicate deterioration as a warning sign of potential injury, allowing team management to take a proactive approach in protecting a pitcher's health and well-being.

Pitch Quantification enables us to rate and compare pitch vs pitch, game vs game, and player vs. player using qop™. A true evaluation of performance should be based on what the pitcher can actually control.

Greiner Agencies Inc. introduced the first objective pitch quantification index for baseball at the SABR Analytics Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday, March 12, 2015.  Following intensive research of quantitative pitch analysis, this new metric can calculate pitch quality by combining movement, location, and speed into one numeric value using a statistical linear regression model. Created by Dr. Jason Wilson and Jarvis Greiner, a qop (Quality of Pitch™) value can have many analytic, medical, and financial implications for the game of baseball. QOPBASEBALL™ is the brand of qop™.

For decades velocity (mph) has been accepted as the primary tool for identifying pitching talent in the game of baseball.  However, this is only one of several variables that determine the quality of a pitch.  In addition to velocity, numerous other subjective statistics such as E.R.A. and batting average have been used to to evaluate performance.  These statistics are heavily influenced by the opposition, umpires, defensive shifts, and other variables outside of the pitchers control.

The emergence of pitch analysis technology has revealed revolutionary raw data with limitless analytic possibilities.  By consolidating this data into one number we can encapsulate all measurable pitch variables (rise, break point, vertical break, horizontal break, location, and speed) todetermine an objective calculation of pitch quality. This qop™ calculation is a true measurement of pitch value with all other subjective factors removed. A standardized scale can evaluate players and rank them on more than just velocity and result.

Batter Evaluation

Objective Comparison

By establishing qop™ data we can then assess a hitter by validating or contradicting his batting average. The feedback from this data can also confirm or refute statistical anomalies. 

Injury Prevention


Pitch Quantification

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